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Tende Energy plc is committed to the exploration and production of oil and gas with a high premium on safe practices. This policy is to be in full compliance with statutory requirements of a sound health, safety and environment practice, which plays a major role in all successful management initiatives.

The Health, Safety and Environment Policy shall be designed to protect the health and safety of its employees and population at large, protection of the environment, the host communities and the protection of the assets of the population and company property.

The policy ensures that all work is carried out in full compliance to all relevant regulations or requirements of safe practices. It shall be based on assessing all hazards and known potential dangers of our work sites, and preventing or controlling them through risk analysis and project management to avoid personal injury, maintaining an effective schedule of equipment maintenance, requiring the use of protective equipment and guards, and implement procedures to detect and correct unsafe practices and conditions.

This policy shall ensure that all near misses, major and minor accidents are reported and investigated. Safety meetings shall be held regularly. The company shall put in place a policy that ensures that management, foremen and supervisors, safety officers, and employees all have read and signed off on the HSE Policy compliance form and are thereby aware of their respective HSE responsibilities. The company shall maintain opportunities for good educational improvement and safety training in swimming, first aid, basic fire fighting, gas testing and general safety.

Sirius’s attitude with respect to health, safety and environment is that all accidents are preventable through risk analysis, continuous compliance assessment and implementation of corrective actions. Emergencies are developments that are contrary to the normal course of operations and can have serious effects on workers, equipment, or the environment. However, the company recognizes emergency situations do still occur and shall establish an Emergency Control Group (ECG); which will create and supervise emergency procedure drills and ensure compliance with safety procedures.

The Company intends to accomplish these objectives through: A Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS), which shall be integrated in the Company Management Systems, with expressed commitment from top management to the lowest cadre of employees. Implementation of the system is a line responsibility supported by the Health, Safety and Environment Department staffed by competent personnel. Top Management shall ensure continual improvement of the system.

A well-defined organizational structure with defined roles, responsibilities and reporting lines providing an optimized system for communication: These responsibilities shall be clearly defined with communication channels and reporting requirements clearly specified and understood.

The construction of safe installations

This will be achieved by incorporating in their design and construction appropriate standards and practices including safety evaluation techniques supported by operational practices of the highest international accreditation. The safety of the installations shall be evaluated through risk analysis and regular audits.