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Tende Energy's Community Affairs, Safety, Health and Environment & Security Policy (CASHES) shall:

  • Be designed to protect the welfare and well being of all employees, the environment and the host community.
  • Establish small-scale farming for both cash crops and animal husbandry in host community.
  • Carry out affirmative action by operating a recruitment policy biased in favour of indigenes of our host communities.
  • Ensure economic empowerment of our host communities through skills acquisition programs and scholarship programs for their children.
  • Afford our host communities the best protection from physical hazards that may not necessarily result in immediate injury (e.g. noise, vibrations, temperature stress etc).
  • Give preference to utilization of materials and services available in our host communities.
  • Ensure our areas of operation are free from environmental hazards by close monitoring of effluent water prior to discharge.
  • Hold regular meetings with our host communities.